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Aeryn writes about meditation and becoming a super hero. She offers assistance to her communities in the form of solidarity, celebrating, witnessing. 
And it's a bliss blog. A story of blissful moments. 

Resources I started with: Trinfinity Academy

you can learn to meditate for 2 to 5 seconds

Just gonna post some resources for now. As I think of them. But if I could only pick one resource for learning to meditate and get super powers its

Trinfinity Academy


  • It's completely free to use.
  • The information is presented in a very accessible way.
  • There are videos, texts and audio of all (I think) lessons. With a community space to ask if you want.
  • Bentinho, the teacher and founder explains stuff very clearly, and with context, and in multiple ways.
  • He's pretty much a normal guy. Who has done his homework, and living it, and sharing it. I've been reading his stuff and watching his videos for quite a few months now.
  • Pol seal of approval

Basically, you can learn to meditate for 2 to 5 seconds, and that right there is a very achievable entry point to whatever you aim to do. From there you can follow a guided path or do what you want.

My experience:

But Lesson 1 could be enough for most people to change their Right Now into a happier place instantly. That's why I think it's so valuable.

Side note. Check out Bentinho's website and YouTube channels. Get on his Facebook page. It's so accessible.

Side, side note. I am providing assistance to anyone that requests it, for now, with the 2 to 5 Seconds technique/method described on Trinfinity Academy. You can ask in the comments section here. Or if you know me personally, PM me on Facebook Messenger. But please do let me know how you get on with it first. (I am not expecting anything in return).