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Aeryn writes about meditation and becoming a super hero. She offers assistance to her communities in the form of solidarity, celebrating, witnessing. 
And it's a bliss blog. A story of blissful moments. 

Resources I started out with: TheWaterwhispers

I am new to ASMR, and was first introduced to my favourite ASMR channel only a few months ago. In fact, it is my main go-to channel for instant relief for whatever I feel is bothering me, or if I just feel bad. Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I do fun things, but sometimes I need to watch someone else doing these kinds of things.

So, the YouTube channel TheWaterwhispers is run by Ilse, who records, produces and presents the videos on her channel. I find her to be warm and genuine; caring and beautiful. :)

So, I have watched many of Ilse's recent videos, as well as older ones. I have found some of them to be gentle stims for me to follow – like sorting; or counting videos. There is 3D stereo and binaural sounds which mush up my brain in nice ways. There are personal stories to listen to and role-play scenarios to help prepare for appointments and things. I have had a lot of anxiety about doctor appointments and 'attending' Ilse's appointment videos has helped a lot. But also, it's a connection thing you know? Making a friend, that doesn't know you, or may never know you, but still a friend, and still helping you. So I am very grateful for friendship offered by her through the screen. There is genuine care and love in her videos, and that's what I return to and keeps me going sometimes when I feel alone.

So. In recent months you may have seen me talk about ASMR and googled it maybe, as I've suggested, but for me TheWaterwhispers channel pretty much encapsulates all I need it to be for myself, as a friend feeling, stimming/bliss feelings, and emotional growth too :). There is a physical side to it too – the 'meridian response', or Tingles, or good feels. It's an incredible experience and I believe it to be genuinely healing if approached openly and with love.

I think ASMR is really really important but also it's just a lot of fun too. Watching these videos has inspired me to make my own and help others in that way too. And I'm finding other ASMR artists now who are interesting in new ways. It's a melting pot of all sorts of things.

So. As a resources post, I am recommending this channel in particular as a great starting point to ASMR. Below, I am posting some of my particular favourite videos by Ilse.

The first one especially makes me feel so happy and I feel what she is telling me to be the truth. It's just wonderful to hear someone else say it. Thank you :)

"Hi sweeties! Do you know those moment when you just need some positivity and encouraging loving words to keep you going or to make you feel better, to level up you confidence a little or just to feel loved in general?"

"Hello! My name is Doctor Ilse, what brings you to our ER today? In this ASMR role play I will have a look at 3 patients that walk into my Emergency Room tonight."

"ASMR triggers of today are: whispering, ear to ear binaural sounds such as, crinkles of paper and plastic, tapping on different object, sticky finger sounds, slow hand movements and observing how things look."