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i am Pol

Aeryn writes about meditation and becoming a super hero. She offers assistance to her communities in the form of solidarity, celebrating, witnessing. 
And it's a bliss blog. A story of blissful moments. 

release the self

Its crazy to step way back to the me of only 2 years ago that never heard of BM, was lost between gods, and scared. And now where I am and I can write words like this, of my own truth and love. It's amazing. But the release of self is the best thing. The endless realisation and release, throwing all thought in the bin and yet me/I/something arising naturally in every moment, rediscovering every moment, faith in every moment. giving the ego almost nothing to grasp onto, release and release and release. nothing i think about need remain. only the I in the Now. but having these wonderful excursions into reality or imagination all simultaneously apply, or paint, or fill-in contextual memory or detail later, like a story told by someone of this very dear Person they know.