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i am Pol

Aeryn writes about meditation and becoming a super hero. She offers assistance to her communities in the form of solidarity, celebrating, witnessing. 
And it's a bliss blog. A story of blissful moments. 

My name is Pol

Hi I'm Aeryn. I live in Manchester UK. I've kind of got to a happy point in life. But also, I have felt on the outside for a long time. In my mind, my body, my spirit, and my emotions. And other circumstances beyond my control.


In the last few years, I've had some intense clarity over who I am, and who I want to be. And more questions. And more answers. Feeling happier and better in myself, but still always returning to the search for answers to fix things in my life.

A beautiful stillness in my mind. Whenever I want

But in the last year, or months, I have been learning meditation techniques that I found really simple. I found I could have success with. As in, I found it simple to follow the instructions and have this lovely experience and zone out and be calm for a short while. It just worked for me in some way I found very accessible.

After a while I found I could actually do this whenever I want, in most situations, for a couple of seconds. And as I felt I could tune out, or in to that space – in those seconds, I had access to peace.

I still want to learn more about meditation but right now its a really nice safety net for 'life' but also I can just be in that space, that stillness for long periods of time. And it helps so much. It's giving me access to more of my Self and I can feel old habits breaking. It's really cool. :)


So the point of this blog "Pol" is that I have a project. And also to share knowledge.

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My name is Pol

I am slowly gathering extra names. It's a fun hobby. Pol is one. She is me. I am her. She could be my higher self, my guardian angel, my goddess, my inner wonder woman, imaginary friend.

Posts may be written in the third person.


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