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i am Pol

Aeryn writes about meditation and becoming a super hero. She offers assistance to her communities in the form of solidarity, celebrating, witnessing. 
And it's a bliss blog. A story of blissful moments. 

blissful moments by aeryn, on YouTube

Hi, this is my bliss playlist. Videos that I have made myself for meditation, or ASMR, that guide me into a happy, blissful state. Or bring blissful moments ...

Introduction to the playlist

I have a playlist on YouTube called "blissful moments". These are videos I have made that helped me at the time to find peace, or love inside. Some are guided meditations and some are ASMR videos.

Learning these new skills to help me grow into the world again has been really important in gaining access to my true self.

I like watching my own videos sometimes because I can see just how well I'm doing and that I am truly healing myself. And I like to share this journey, and pass around any skills I pick up.

I hope you enjoy these videos and I'm always open to chats or sharing of experiences. :)