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a log by aeryn

24 June 2017

Happy Weekend :)

Some notes from my week

regular notes and scribbles [weds eve]

  • So, I thought I would share more of my notes, scribbles and stuff. But rather than make lots of well crafted posts, I decided I could write one post each week. I can schedule it to post at the end of the week, until then I can attach new bits. But scheduling ensures something will be published. Haha :)

  • This post is set for Friday night / Saturday morning

  • Another thing is I hope this will become a living journal, that can become a part of my process.

contact page addendum [friday morning small hours]

  • I finished my contact page. LINK. Interestingly I have let myself mull over this for some time. I started making this page a few weeks ago with one selfie

  • 0170531-9232-0-selfie.jpg

  • I am writing this post in markdown, images on this post are hosted at I can optionally upload them to Squarspace for deep website integration but I like having everything in one place. I'm pleased I've been able to get this in place quite easily and accessible on mobile :))))

  • This means I have a plain text document that I can copy paste onto all sorts of platforms, or into applications. It's a highly portable document format, and with my own webspace I have a lot of flexibility for publishing now. It's taken a long time to get to this point. (After catastrophic tech failure last year).

Banner Image animation [friday afternoon - steemit post]


I was tracing some text in Procreate to make an artsy banner. The typeface is BDR MONO. I decided not to use it in the end, rather to use the text version

I like these replays you can output from Procreate app. This is half speed. But represents half an hour of time I guess.

Aeryn North Banner

fancy domains and urls [friday late]

  • I have these domains

  • is the back-end, the bucket for chucking stuff in.

  • is the front-end, the fancy gallery space.
  • is for creating meaningful links to my work, wherever that may be. I intend to write a post about this because I think my intended plans are pretty cool.


having google accounts and youtube accounts and google plus pages and connecting them together it’s like big ball of spaghetti. and pain


I am enjoying writing this. This post is scheduled to publish at 07:11 UK time tomorrow morning. After which I will start a new post for a week's time. I don't have any plans for the week, Just wanna get more work up on here.

pls check back and watch for updates

Aeryn x