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An Ascension blog by Aeryn North. Covering Awakening, True Healing, Contact, Transmissions, Community, New Humanity, New Earth, 5D, Love Unconditional, Spiritual Teachings. The Law of One. All served through my own subjective viewpoint. I share messages, healing, and a portion of the truth.


Silent Transmission. 15 January 2018. Know Love.

"Know Love."

More huge upheavals in my system and my request for reassurance brought through a beautiful personal message for me, and you also. We are reminded to know love, not to seek it, believe in it, or understand it even, but to simply see that it is already here. A gentle kick up the butt to say "Hey Aeryn, did you forget? We are right here, and we love you, you are loved, remember?" And I'm like "oh yeah!"

A few new signs, or ones I don't recall very well came through in this transmission. It began to be very intense inside and my internal temperature shot up dramatically. And I was guided to relax, let go and listen to the feelings, and intent behind the message more closely as my connection strengthens, and this way it remains gentle, lucid and without resistance. It's a beautiful experience and occured in many layers and facets of experience as it came through.

I hope this message finds you well, and trust it will assist you on your journey. I offer 1 to 1 pre-recorded, or live transmissions to those who wish to activate and connect to their guides, or receive healing. Pop me a message. :)

Silent Transmission. 15 january 2018. Know Love