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An Ascension blog by Aeryn North. Covering Awakening, True Healing, Contact, Transmissions, Community, New Humanity, New Earth, 5D, Love Unconditional, Spiritual Teachings. The Law of One. All served through my own subjective viewpoint. I share messages, healing, and a portion of the truth.


Silent Transmission. 13 January 18. Energy. Balance.

This is for energy and balance. You can watch and receive that. Thank you.

Hi. Some intense stuff going on with me personally. Lots of Earth energy coming through. I need to ground and anchor in preferential realities as they form, choose and create into that. Also letting go of grief and stuff (which I have been holding on to, as if it were a baby I was attempting to grow), even letting go is ugly and painful. Healing is pain too, just know that it serves very well.

Further stuff coming thru, I've been sitting on it and being complacent, there seems to be a bunch of output lining up. And that's what this page is for. To remind me of my mission. My personal [Facebook] profile is a lot more personal and may trigger (no apologies, only a respectful reminder that this is real as fuck), so I'm putting a temporary hold on new connections there for a few days, which again, is about choosing and creating.

Silent Transmission. 13 January 18. Energy. Balance. (I pressed record expecting to speak but a silent transmission instead. )


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