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Shadow Work - Teal Swan

So, the path I have chosen is a pretty difficult one. Since my Awakening last August there have been moments of joy and moments of darkness, and a whole spectrum of feelings and experiences in between.

In connecting with the spiritual community on Facebook and YouTube over the last couple of years and especially the last six months it’s become clear just how much work there is to do. But I have some solid foundations under me from childhood beliefs and knowledge from ‘beyond the veil’. It’s become abundantly clear and desirable to me that I need to grow into this new paradigm of existence we seem to be calling 5D.

Since Christmas 2017 I have made some further groundbreaking decisions that have been very difficult but kind of obvious to me now. And as I clean myself up and bring forward these new gifts in my own personal life, the need to be a pure, clean vessel has become abundantly clear. In all my downloads, intuited information and human guidance it’s always come back to the self and the inner work.

Some call it shadow work, and tho I used to very much balk at that phrase, I kinda see it as entirely fitting. Because holy crap this is intense.

So in the last few months I have been dabbling in the work of Teal Swan. I find her very interesting as a teacher. She isn’t afraid to be real. And neither am I. I feel a certain kinship with her honest and up front portrayal of the reality of this ascension process (as I see it). She is a breath of fresh air in comparison to other teachers who seem to be pretty much pain free already, and even those who allude to the darkness but don’t really speak about it.

This is where it’s at for me. So, on the rec of a healer I trust and respect I bought Teal’s book “Shadows Before Dawn..” After the autobiographical section at the front, she devotes most of the book to a practical self-help series of chapters outlining steps that we the reader can apply to life.

So this is the first of these steps that I am taking myself. Although I believe we are all already saved, it is, and isn’t an automatic process. I believe this planet has already ascended, and that we now simply choose our own catch up pathway. But this is so much bigger than the individual. To state that I am gliding along for the ride would be grossly complacent. There is work to be done, on the inside. For me, and many other lightworkers. This is my contribution. To heal myself. And to share that process.

So. Here is a quote from the book and a bookmark in this chapter of my life on this planet. It’s a concept I’m broadly already on board with, which is why I’m even writing this blog.

So today 15th February 2018 I begin following Teal’s plan for a year, to ask myself “What would a person who loves themselves do?” Because this is a root issue in my life - a lack of self love. Today I begin to consciously address this.

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