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An Ascension blog by Aeryn North. Covering Awakening, True Healing, Contact, Transmissions, Community, New Humanity, New Earth, 5D, Love Unconditional, Spiritual Teachings. The Law of One. All served through my own subjective viewpoint. I share messages, healing, and a portion of the truth.


My signs. "Open your heart". 2 January 2018

Today has been incredible.

This is my first public share of my signs - one expression of a channel I have. It developed during a spiritual awakening in August '17. And this is how I learned to do energy healing on myself. I don't often write things down during, but in this case it seemed appropriate. My channel usually expresses through my signs, but also my art (which I am exploring) and I usually remain completely lucid. My signs are active a lot of the time, not only when 'channeling' automatically like in this video, they support me in lots of ways and I also use them to express myself too :)

Please contact me for a 5 to 15 minute (silent) video transmission tailored for you. My connection is profound and wholesale, and I have been working with it for months now. I have had an amazing response from people who have watched my transmission, people receiving healing, and activation whilst watching. I feel really blessed to have this gift. There is a charge for this service. But I share freely in community what comes through for the collective, so you don't miss out.

Aeryn x